Joel Loves Tablets

tc1100.bmpI had been reading about tablet PCs since they came out, in 2003. But I wasn't attracted to them. Throughout my adult life, I've been relieved to be able to use a keyboard rather than a pen. I'm a fast and accurate typist, and I have a blessed lack of sensitivity to keyboard variables; I can use almost any keyboard comfortably.

But in the Fall of 2004, I was struck by the suitability of the tablet for engineering and architectural professionals--people for whom sketching comes naturally. For reasons I cannot explain, my interest quickly bloomed into a conviction that tablet PCs are about to become important in engineering and architecture.

The lackluster market performance of the available devices was certainly no indicator. Yet I felt--and feel--that the form factor and special operating system of the tablet have the ability to unleash a hitherto shackled creativity and productivity in designers.

I bought one--an HP tc1100--in December of 2004. It's my main machine, and I love it.

This section of Joel Orr's World focuses on the world of tablets. It contains articles I've written, and a blog devoted to tablet topics.

Update:  In March of 2007, while I still loved the tablet, I had had it with Windows. I bought myself a MacBook Pro, and it became my main machine. I still have, and occasionally use, my tablet. But the Mac simply does not crash, whereas crashing was an at-least-daily event in Windows.

I still think tablets are wonderful. I saw one at MacWorld, a couple of weeks ago (1/08) - expensive, at around $2700, but ultimately what I would like. For now, I'm back on the Mac - and happy to be here.