Guide to writing ebooks that actually sell
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 08:53AM
One of the Internet marketing businesses most widely promoted is that of ebooks. The general idea is, write an ebook on some topic that is of interest to a market; put up a sales page; promote it; and watch your PayPal account grow.

It's a great model, and it has worked for numerous people. But the number of people for whom it has not worked, or only generated $10/month, is huge.

I bought an ebook by Alexis Dawes that says she only writes ebooks that address "desperate buyers," people with a real need. She describes how to find such groups and what to tell them, and tells of her successes and failures. Her ebook is 176 pages long, fun to read, and full of powerful information. Click here to go to her sales page. (Of course, it comes with money-back guarantee, etc.)

Please post comments on your impressions, whether or not you get the book.

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