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Krsztina Holly: Debunking the entrepreneurship myth (Huff Post)

Recently, it has become more widely acknowledged that long-term economic recovery and growth in this country isn't going to come in the form of bailouts or stimulus packages, but instead in our ability to innovate and create new high-growth businesses. As Tom Friedman wrote in a recent column, "We might be able to stimulate our way back to stability, but we can only invent our way back to prosperity." (New York Times, June 28, 2009)

So if we're looking to support that economic savior, The Entrepreneur, what are we looking for? One common legend implies that most tech entrepreneurs are young, college drop-outs. So my colleagues Vivek Wadhwa from Duke University and Raj Aggarwal from University of Akron and I decided to investigate the folklore, and ended up debunking some of the more pervasive myths surrounding entrepreneurship. More

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