Powerful and free stuff from Perry Marshall, with no sales pitch

You know how football coaches talk about "the basics"? This is the most powerful and succinct diagram and explanation of "the basics" for marketing that I have ever seen, and in keeping with Perry's policy of simply giving away good stuff to build relationships, there is no sales pitch here. Well worth checking out. Go here.

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Outstanding survey on success of social media in generating sales

Perry Marshall, Adwords maven extraordinaire, posted a question on his blog. The comments are powerfully informative.

Social Media: Anyone actually making money with it?

I've got a serious question for you today.

Are you *making money* (and not merely making Friends / Fans / Followers) Twittering, Facebooking and Bookmarking?

Is anybody you know making money Twittering, Facebooking and Bookmarking stuff?

Is anybody you know reliably or predictably making sales, doing that stuff in any kind of systematic fashion?

I seriously want to know.

What are you actually doing? How well is it actually, measurably working?

Post your response in the comment form below. I'd like to hear from you.



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Krsztina Holly: Debunking the entrepreneurship myth (Huff Post)

Recently, it has become more widely acknowledged that long-term economic recovery and growth in this country isn't going to come in the form of bailouts or stimulus packages, but instead in our ability to innovate and create new high-growth businesses. As Tom Friedman wrote in a recent column, "We might be able to stimulate our way back to stability, but we can only invent our way back to prosperity." (New York Times, June 28, 2009)

So if we're looking to support that economic savior, The Entrepreneur, what are we looking for? One common legend implies that most tech entrepreneurs are young, college drop-outs. So my colleagues Vivek Wadhwa from Duke University and Raj Aggarwal from University of Akron and I decided to investigate the folklore, and ended up debunking some of the more pervasive myths surrounding entrepreneurship. More

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Guide to writing ebooks that actually sell

One of the Internet marketing businesses most widely promoted is that of ebooks. The general idea is, write an ebook on some topic that is of interest to a market; put up a sales page; promote it; and watch your PayPal account grow.

It's a great model, and it has worked for numerous people. But the number of people for whom it has not worked, or only generated $10/month, is huge.

I bought an ebook by Alexis Dawes that says she only writes ebooks that address "desperate buyers," people with a real need. She describes how to find such groups and what to tell them, and tells of her successes and failures. Her ebook is 176 pages long, fun to read, and full of powerful information. Click here to go to her sales page. (Of course, it comes with money-back guarantee, etc.)

Please post comments on your impressions, whether or not you get the book.

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Two practical ways to get started

The Internet offers huge opportunities, in bewildering array. The main challenge it presents is that of getting lost in the abundance of opportunity. There are ebooks, courses, membership sites and much, much more, all promising to educate you and get you rapidly on the road to quick riches.

Well, it is true that quick riches are possible--but not likely. However, slow and responsible building toward a steady income, in the time you have available to you, and with minimum outlay of cash, is definitely possible. You just need a plan, and a little bit of education.

I'd like to offer you two possibilities to consider:

1. Dr. Ken Evoy's Site Build-It. Ken is a retired MD in Canada (actually, I think he's moved to Anguilla) that created a system for "regular folks" to follow. He calls it, among other things, "the way of the tortoise." It offers huge amounts of education; an active forum of thousands of users; a money-back guarantee; and more. You use their web-based software for setting up your site, and it's very easy.

It costs $300/year/website. Go to the site; there's a lot of free stuff you can download, and it is all reliable information. Here's my link:


2. Among the many courses on Internet business, I've found one that is honest, realistic, direct, and easy to understand.

This course has 10 modules; they come to you as both MP3s you can listen to, and PDFs that are transcripts of the recordings. They are all conversations among several top marketers with grade-A credentials, including one highly-focused psychologist. In addition, you get a page of "Truthprints," their name for a step-by-step walk through each of the lessons.

This course will take a while to go through. It is amazingly thorough, yet down-to-earth. I consider it to be worth much more than the sales price.

To go to the sales page for the course, go to http://bit.ly/3avEPR and scroll to the very bottom of the page. There, in small letters, you'll see "Beginners." Click on that. Note: It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee--and you keep the course, even if you request a refund.

There are many, many, many other approaches, and I'm certain that quite a few are good. But these two are at the top of my list. They both introduce you to the broad range of possibilities and give explicit instructions on how to get started at minimal expense.

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SBI: The Way of the Tortoise

Site Built It! is a combination product, service, and complete education system. If you've been thinking about how to make money on the Internet - as I have - and have found that the bits and pieces of information you've gathered are fascinating but confusing - as I have - you should take a look at SBI.

It's the product of a company started by Ken Evoy, MD, a doctor who gave up medicine for Internet marketing.

If you get SBI, you will be taken by the hand, step-by-step, through discovering your niche; selecting suitable keywords (an important factor); creating a site; filling it with appropriate content; building traffic; and making money from it.

This is not a get-rich-quick product. Rather, Ken encourages you to treat this as a real business, into which you invest as much or as little time as you want.

What speaks louder than anything for his product is this: 63% of SBI customers' sites wind up in the top 3% of ALL websites.

I scoured the Web, seeking any negative comments about the man or his product. The closest I found to a criticism said something like, "SBI is a fabulous product. But I don't have patience for it; I'm in this for a quick buck. SBI's approach is too slow for me."

That's why Ken says it's "the way of the tortoise" - slow and steady wins the race.

It's  $300, and the best bargain on the net at that price. You truly need no other ebook, software, or hosting service. SBI teaches you everything, walks you through it, and continues to provide ongoing guidance to creating stable, long-term, and ultimately passive income - of unlimited proportions. And of course, you still get SBI's 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and a pro-rated refund for the remaining months of the 1-year period.

You know that kid of yours that keeps coming home after moving out? Give him or her an SBI subscription, and let THEM support YOU in the manner to which you would like to become accustomed...:-)

Check it out here.

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Affiliate marketing guide

There are lots of ways to make money on the Internet. None are trivial. None are free. All require some investment - money, work, time - and usually a combination of all three.

The good news is: So does every other money-making opportunity - and  many Internet opportunities are cheaper and easier. Just not free - and not trivial.

I agree with many of the gurus: The simplest and lowest-cost way to get started is as an affiliate marketer.

What's that? You become an affiliate for someone who has a product to sell. Essentially, you are a commissioned salesperson.

People who have affiliate programs pay you 30% and up if someone you direct to them buys their product.

Good things about being an affiliate:

* You don't have to produce a product
* You don't have to deliver a product
* You don't have have a merchant account, or collect payments
* You can be an affiliate, usually at no cost, for a number of products
* If you are selective, you don't have to produce your own ad copy, banners, etc.

The challenges:

* You have to find people who might buy the product or service
* You have to get their attention ("pre-sell," as Ken Evoy calls it)
* This takes work.

Now, you can embark on this career with zero cash outlay. There's tons of free information out there - for example, go to http://www.joelsarticles.com and do a search for "affiliate." You'll get back many free articles.

But if you go that route, you will spend weeks - maybe months - floundering around, trying to figure out "which end is up."

If you are serious about checking out this possibility, I recommend James Martell's "Affiliate Marketers Handbook." (Go to http://joelsarticles.com/recommends/Martell to check it out.) It is much more than a book; it is a complete course, that tells you all you need to get started in affiliate marketing.

The price is not cheap; if you are completely broke, or looking for freebies, don't even go to the website (http://joelsarticles.com/recommends/Martell).

But if you compare the cost of this complete course, which spells out in detail the 8 steps you must take to succeed with affiliate programs on the net, to ANY OTHER course or business startup, you will find it is incredibly inexpensive.

Of course, James offers a 100%-money-back 60-day guarantee, and a ton of useful bonuses, so there is really no risk at all to check it out.

This is a start-from-nothing guide; you need not know anything at all about computers, marketing, or affiliates. James tells you everything, step by step.

Once again: This is not free. Don't bother going to http://joelsarticles.com/recommends/Martell unless you are serious about checking out becoming an affiliate marketer.

I'd appreciate your letting me know what you learn, if you decide to check this out. I believe it's a great opportunity and an excellent value. If I'm wrong, I'd like to know. Please write me at joel.orr@gmail.com.

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The Reasons Why Most People Will Never Find Online Success

In this article, marketer Tim Knox offers some excellent advice to would-be marketers.
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Great deal from ArticleMarketer.com

Christopher of ArticleMarketer.com just sent me a note to say he is offering a special - a lifetime membership in articlemarketer.com (see note below), my favorite article-submission site. Price? Only $200 - that's $100 off the price you'll see on http://www.articlemarketer.com.
Follow the link below for more information on this special by-invitation-only offer. It'll only be available for a few more days so don't miss out.

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See if you can understand how giving something away makes you money

I've been reading a bunch of stuff by Internet marketer Harvey Segal, and the more I read, the more I like it. The man seems to be very open and honest - and gives me tons of useful information for free.

Here's an example of his tremendous creativity: A free report called "101 Tips" that is chock-full of excellent information - including how to make money by giving it away! Check it out here

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