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Carl Machover 1927-2012

I always thought Carl preceded me in the world of computer graphics consulting. But when we met, in the seventies, he pointed out that he was actually a vendor executive for a few years after I became a consultant, in 1974.

Nevertheless, his entry into the world of CG long predated mine. He was into radar screens, the precessors of computer graphics displays, and his knowledge of both the surrounding technologies and their historical progression was unpretentious but authoritative.

In our time together in the NCGA (National Computer Graphics Association), and through our occasional platform-sharing at Frost & Sulivan events, I learned a great deal from Carl--about presenting, about researching, about writing, and about running a good meeting. 

I'll miss him. I hope Wilma and the kids take comfort from the wonderful legacy of good will and caring that Carl leaves.

Here's a great summary, courtesy of Andy Van Dam: http://web.media.mit.edu/~tod/media/pdfs/Andy-CM-g4inm-proof3-good.pdf

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