Here's a list of business resources I'm compiling for engineering professionals seeking additional sources of income. If you have any to suggest, please email them to me at

  • For anyone getting started in Internet marketing, there is no more tried and true approach than that of SBI. Ken Evoy, an MD from Canada who switched to Internet marketing, set up this firm to help "regular people" make a reliable income on the Internet. For $300/year, you get a site and a huge amount of education. Plus you get access to an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable group of users via their forum. Full money-back guarantee and lots of free stuff. Worth visiting just for the free education. Check it out here.
  • is a place where you can bid on certain kinds of jobs, mostly in graphics, marketing, and software.
  • focuses more on coding than Elance, but has other stuff, too.
  • is a marketplace for a wide variety of kinds of expertise.
  • To explore affiliate marketing, check out Rosalind Gardner's "The Super Affiliate Handbook" ($47).
  • Equally illuminating, but more of a course, is James Martell's "Affiliate Marketers Handbook"; book & video ($167)
  • Excellent book on information marketing by marketing super-guru Dan Kennedy: "The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing" ($16.47)
  • I have just dug into what is working out to be the most powerful, low-key internet marketing course I've ever encountered. It's $97. Check it out here.